5-Pocket Long Shorts

Longer Version of 5-Pocket Shorts

Our 5-Pocket Shorts have a slightly shorter inseam length than standard shorts to allow for easier leg movement during activities in the mountains, making them ideal for hikers.

This is the best length for hikers, we believe, and it is one of the reasons why they are supported by so many hikers but we have also received comments from some hikers that they want 5-Pocket Shorts that are a little longer in length.

Therefore, we decided to create the longer version of 5-Pocket Shorts by made-to-order to meet the needs of our customers, lengthening the inseam by approximately 3 cm with the tucked legs to allow for a greater range of leg motion, resulting in the same ease of leg movement as the regular 5-Pocket Shorts. They look great in the mountains as well as in towns.

25SS Model Changes
・Former name: 5-Pocket Shorts Long, New name: 5-Pocket Long Shorts
・Water repellent coating has changed. C6 to PFC-free C0. Water repellency may decrease if oils such as sebum comes in contact with the fabric.
・Will be manufactured in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

For product details and sizing information, please check the product page.
Delivery will be sometime in April, 2025.


5-Pocket Long Shorts

Sex Color Size
Men / Black / S
Men / Black / M
Men / Black / L
Men / Black / XL
Men / Brick Red / S
Men / Brick Red / M
Men / Brick Red / L
Men / Brick Red / XL
Men / Dark Navy / S
Men / Dark Navy / M
Men / Dark Navy / L
Men / Dark Navy / XL
Men / Deep Forest / S
Men / Deep Forest / M
Men / Deep Forest / L
Men / Deep Forest / XL
Men / Glacier White / S
Men / Glacier White / M
Men / Glacier White / L
Men / Glacier White / XL
Men / Mustard / S
Men / Mustard / M
Men / Mustard / L
Men / Mustard / XL
Men / Olive / S
Men / Olive / M
Men / Olive / L
Men / Olive / XL
Men / Sage Gray / S
Men / Sage Gray / M
Men / Sage Gray / L
Men / Sage Gray / XL
Men / Sand / S
Men / Sand / M
Men / Sand / L
Men / Sand / XL
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