Alpha Haramaki

Keeping Your Belly Warm

Our Alpha Haramaki is made for late-night and early-morning hikers and runners to help them keep warm when temperatures are low. The advanced Polartec Alpha Direct offers excellent insulation as well as breathability keeping your belly warm.

The surface uses the same ultralight and breathable Shadow Rip fabric as the UL Shirt to maximize the Polartec Alpha Direct’s functionality, letting the heat escape while protecting the cold air.

Delivery will be sometime in March, 2025.

Alpha Haramaki

Color Size
Black / S
Black / M
Black / L
Blue / S
Blue / M
Blue / L
Navy / S
Navy / M
Navy / L
Silver Cloud / S
Silver Cloud / M
Silver Cloud / L
Slate Green / S
Slate Green / M
Slate Green / L
Tangerine / S
Tangerine / M
Tangerine / L
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