Bamboo Short Sleeve Shirt

Durable Trail Shirt

The Bamboo Shirt is a simple and durable trail shirt, perfect when you feel a little chilly on the trail.

Using bamboo fibers blended with polyester, the fabric is light and smooth. The shirt’s wind protection and natural moisture control performance will always keep you comfortable on the trails.

The ventilative wide fitting and open neck collar let the heat around the neck escape, offering comfort when it’s hot. Our proprietary design allows you to use the snap buttons for ventilation, or turn up the collar and button it up when it is cold. It effectively controls and flexibly adjusts the breathability and sensible temperature.

On and off the trails, you’ll probably be wearing it every day and never find a reason to hang it up.

Delivery will be sometime in June, 2025.

Bamboo Short Sleeve Shirt

Sex Color Size
Men / Alaskan Blue / S
Men / Alaskan Blue / M
Men / Alaskan Blue / L
Men / Alaskan Blue / XL
Men / Dried Grass / S
Men / Dried Grass / M
Men / Dried Grass / L
Men / Dried Grass / XL
Men / Granite Green / S
Men / Granite Green / M
Men / Granite Green / L
Men / Granite Green / XL
Men / Gray / S
Men / Gray / M
Men / Gray / L
Men / Gray / XL
Men / Light Blue / S
Men / Light Blue / M
Men / Light Blue / L
Men / Light Blue / XL
Men / Peppermint / S
Men / Peppermint / M
Men / Peppermint / L
Men / Peppermint / XL
Men / Rooibos Tea / S
Men / Rooibos Tea / M
Men / Rooibos Tea / L
Men / Rooibos Tea / XL
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