DF Mesh Merino T-shirt

Beyond Merino

The DF Mesh Merino series is our proprietary base layer series that outperform our 100% Merino wool lineup, minimizing the drawbacks in many respects such as merino’s slow drying, the tendency for stickiness, and heat-buildup.

DF stands for “double face”; the skin side is hydrophobic-finished to quickly dispense of any moisture (sweat), while the surface is hydrophilic-finished so that the fabric absorbs the released sweat, keeping your skin feeling dry. It offers maximum comfort even under changing weather or when performing intensive and sweaty exercises.

While keeping the natural advantages of wool, such as comfortability, deodorizing, and moisture control properties, this new hybrid fabric is highly breathable, yet retains your body heat when layered with a shell jacket, and even if you sweat, the mesh-like material reduces skin irritation and dries quicker than conventional wool.

The DF Mesh Merino Crew Neck, one of a more traditional design garment in our base layer series is a comfortable standard fit, that looks great both on and off-trail.

25SS Model Changes
New Name DF Mesh Merino Crew Neck → DF Mesh Merino T-shirt

Delivery will be sometime in April, 2025.

DF Mesh Merino T-shirt

Sex Color Size
Unisex / Brick Red / XS
Unisex / Brick Red / S
Unisex / Brick Red / M
Unisex / Brick Red / L
Unisex / Brick Red / XL
Unisex / Ivory / XS
Unisex / Ivory / S
Unisex / Ivory / M
Unisex / Ivory / L
Unisex / Ivory / XL
Unisex / Navy / XS
Unisex / Navy / S
Unisex / Navy / M
Unisex / Navy / L
Unisex / Navy / XL
Unisex / Peacock Green / XS
Unisex / Peacock Green / S
Unisex / Peacock Green / M
Unisex / Peacock Green / L
Unisex / Peacock Green / XL
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