Light Alpha Sleeves

"Ultralight Alpha Sleeves "

The Light Alpha Sleeves is made of Polartec Alpha Direct, a material that balances breathability and insulation very well. We designed it so that you can regulate your body temperature by removing or putting on the Armsleeves, making it ideal for UL hiking, fast packing, and trail running.

Its soft and lightweight texture provides maximum comfort while keeping your arm movement unrestricted. It pairs well with sleeveless or short-sleeve base layers or our mid-layer products such as the Alpha Vest or Alpha Haramaki.

25SS Model Changes
New Name Light Alpha Armsleeves → Light Alpha Sleeves

Delivery will be sometime in May, 2025.

Light Alpha Sleeves

Sex Color Size
Unisex / Black / S
Unisex / Black / M
Unisex / Bright Orange / S
Unisex / Bright Orange / M
Unisex / Glacier White / S
Unisex / Glacier White / M
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