100% Light Merino Half Zip Long Sleeve

Ventilating 100% Merino

The light (145-155g/㎡) 100% Merino Long Sleeve Zip with a wide zipper opening to the chest for excellent ventilation is always the right choice as your go-to base layer.

Our 100% pure Merino wool will make your hiking more comfortable by keeping unwanted odors to a minimum.

Not only does the 100% pure Merino wool regulate both temperature and humidity and keeps unwanted odors to a minimum, it can also be tumble-dried (maximum 60°C), making it a great piece for long-distance adventures.

25SS Model Changes
New Name 100% Merino Light Long Sleeve Zip→ 100% Light Merino Half Zip Long Sleeve

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Delivery will be sometime in April, 2025.

100% Light Merino Half Zip Long Sleeve

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