Merino Shirt

Woven by an established Italian manufacturer in New Zealand, the fabric is thin, and comfortable to wear without being too hot like most traditional wool shirts. It has all the natural deodorizing and moisture control features of wool, always keeping you comfortable.

The wide fit and open neck collar let the heat around the neck easily escape, offering comfort when it’s hot. Our proprietary design allows you to quickly roll up the sleeves, use the snap buttons for ventilation, or turn up the collar and button it up when it is cold.

This is a must-have wool shirt for any serious hiker.

お届け予定は2024/04 - 2024/05です。

Merino Shirt

Sex Color Size
Unisex / Black / XS
Unisex / Black / S
Unisex / Black / M
Unisex / Black / L
Unisex / Burgundy / XS
Unisex / Burgundy / S
Unisex / Burgundy / M
Unisex / Burgundy / L
Unisex / Duck Green / XS
Unisex / Duck Green / S
Unisex / Duck Green / M
Unisex / Duck Green / L
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