Alpha Socks

Light, Breathable Sleep Socks

The material used is Polartec Alpha Direct, which offers an excellent balance between breathability and insulation. It’s thicker than down socks, yet lighter, providing just the right amount of warmth without causing excessive sweating, making it ideal for use as sleeping socks.

The Alpha Socks provides a snug, non-constricting fit around, ensuring that your feet are comfortably protected from the cold until morning.

To avoid throwing away surplus materials, The Alpha socks are made from upcycling Alpha Vest scraps.

Delivery will be sometime in May, 2025.

Alpha Socks

Sex Color Size
Unisex / Black / M
Unisex / Black / L
Unisex / Bright Orange / M
Unisex / Bright Orange / L
Unisex / Ebony / M
Unisex / Ebony / L
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