Alpha Vest Kangaroo

Ultralight, Minimal Active Insulation

The Alpha Vest Kangaroo is an Alpha Vest with extra warmth at the belly.

The large pocket, made from Shadow Rip material also used in our UL Shirts, protects the abdomen from wind while also providing practical storage space.

While maintaining the exceptional breathability and lightness of the Alpha Vest, this version is ideal for situations where additional warmth is needed.


・The pocket and the back are made from Shadow Rip (56g/m²)
・The front panel uses Polartec Alpha Direct (136g/㎡) *Polartec Alpha Direct (136g/㎡) provides warmth but is also highly breathable
・Protects stomach from wind.
・Reduces the need for a shell in certain situations.
・Compact and ultralight
・Great as a mid-layer
・Provides moderate warmth even when wet. and keeps warm even when soaked.

A Belly Warming Kangaroo Pocket

The Alpha Vest Kangaroo adds warmth exactly where you need it, your core. Store a hand towel, map, and change clothes to further enhance the thermal insulation and wind resistance at your belly.

*Please note that the Shadow Rip material used in the kangaroo pocket is thin and not suitable for storing heavy items.

Delivery will be sometime in June, 2025.

Alpha Vest Kangaroo

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