Alpha Vest

Ultralight, Minimal Active Insulation

Feeling a little chilly? Wear this vest over your base layer. This is an ultralight and simple vest-style active insulation. It prevents overheating and offers great comfort when in action.

The front uses Polartec Alpha Direct (136g/m2), a highly breathable but warm fabric and the back is the highly breathable, ultralight Shadow Rip*. This is because your back is usually insulated by your backpack.

We recommended pairing it up with our highly air-permeable All-weather series jackets.

Delivery will be sometime in April, 2025.

Alpha Vest

Sex Color Size
Unisex / Black / S
Unisex / Black / M
Unisex / Black / L
Unisex / Black / XL
Unisex / Bright Orange / S
Unisex / Bright Orange / M
Unisex / Bright Orange / L
Unisex / Bright Orange / XL
Unisex / Ebony / S
Unisex / Ebony / M
Unisex / Ebony / L
Unisex / Ebony / XL
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