Light 5-Pocket Short Shorts

Super Light Hiking Shorts

For runners and fastpackers, our Light 5-Pocket Shorts are even lighter and more comfortable than our regular 5-Pocket Shorts.

Made of the elastic Pertex Equilibrium fabric, they are a bit shorter than the conventional 5-Pocket Shorts and of course, make use of our unique 5-Pocket system.

The paper-thin fabric makes the shorts ultralight and comfortable, but they are weaker and less durable than our other pants. Please handle them with care.

25SS Model Changes
・New Name Light 5-Pocket Shorts → Light 5-Pocket Short Shorts
・Water repellent coating has changed. C6 to PFC-free C0. Water repellency may decrease if oils such as sebum comes in contact with the fabric. *Note: Some colors available for preorder are already models that have been sold this year. Please check the stock status on our product pages to see if your desired product is still in stock. Please refer to our Annual Restock Schedule to see if a product you want will be restocked within the year.

Delivery will be sometime in April, 2025.


Light 5-Pocket Short Shorts

Sex Color Size
Men / Blue Haze / S
Men / Blue Haze / M
Men / Blue Haze / L
Men / Blue Haze / XL
Men / Dark Indigo / S
Men / Dark Indigo / M
Men / Dark Indigo / L
Men / Dark Indigo / XL
Men / Hibiscus / S
Men / Hibiscus / M
Men / Hibiscus / L
Men / Hibiscus / XL
Men / Slate Khaki / S
Men / Slate Khaki / M
Men / Slate Khaki / L
Men / Slate Khaki / XL
Men / Teal / S
Men / Teal / M
Men / Teal / L
Men / Teal / XL
Men / Turmeric / S
Men / Turmeric / M
Men / Turmeric / L
Men / Turmeric / XL
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