Light Alpha Tights

Versatile Thermals for Active Hikers

The Light Alpha Tights, made of Polartec’s Alpha Direct, are ultralight, highly breathable, and extremely versatile.

When worn with shorts they are warm but never hot, providing you exceptional comfort on the move. In the colder months, wear them under the pants to block out the wind and increase the warmth. They also make great pajamas at camp as they are much lighter than down pants.

The Light Alpha Tights are fast drying and do not lose their thermal insulating properties when wet. This is why they are so great with our fast-drying Light 5-Pocket Pants.

Delivery will be sometime in April, 2025.

Light Alpha Tights

Sex Color Size
Unisex / Black / S
Unisex / Black / M
Unisex / Black / L
Unisex / Black / XL
Unisex / Bright Orange / S
Unisex / Bright Orange / M
Unisex / Bright Orange / L
Unisex / Bright Orange / XL
Unisex / Glacier White / S
Unisex / Glacier White / M
Unisex / Glacier White / L
Unisex / Glacier White / XL
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