Stretch Mesh Cap

Maximized Comfort

Our super snugly fitting Stretch Mesh Cap is so light you almost forget you are wearing it.

It protects you from the strong sun when hiking, is fast drying and stays snugly and secure on the top of your head even in strong winds. A cap that truly becomes a part of your body during long journeys.

From 2023, the brim was changed to a shape-memory fabric, allowing you to shate the brim in any shape you desire.

25SS Model Changes
The size range has changed, and size S has been discontinued.

Delivery will be sometime in April, 2025.

Stretch Mesh Cap

Color Size
Black / M
Black / L
Navy / M
Navy / L
Nomad / M
Nomad / L
Peppermint / M
Peppermint / L
Smoke Brown / M
Smoke Brown / L
Teal / M
Teal / L
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