UL All-weather Jacket

All-weather Activewear

When hiking a steep incline, windy ridgeline, or in the pouring rain, this All-weather Activewear keeps you comfortable anytime, anywhere.

Our All-weather series, using the Pertex Shield Air, is significantly lighter than other conventional breathable moisture-permeable jackets. The fabric’s superior breathability makes the jacket unbelievably comfortable, making it work as a windshell or as a rain jacket.

The UL All-weather Jacket features a double zipper design, achieving easy ventilation when you are pushing hard to climb a steep hill. Being lighter than a T-shirt, It is so soft and flexible that you almost forget that you are wearing it. From the 2023 model, a chest pocket that the jacket can be neatly packed in, and snap buttons to the cuffs, making it easier to roll up the sleeves in warm conditions. It can also be used as thumbholes when hiking in colder weather.

Delivery will be sometime in May, 2025.

UL All-weather Jacket

Sex Color Size
Unisex / Black / XS
Unisex / Black / S
Unisex / Black / M
Unisex / Black / L
Unisex / Black / XL
Unisex / Deep Forest / XS
Unisex / Deep Forest / S
Unisex / Deep Forest / M
Unisex / Deep Forest / L
Unisex / Deep Forest / XL
Unisex / Smoke Brown / XS
Unisex / Smoke Brown / S
Unisex / Smoke Brown / M
Unisex / Smoke Brown / L
Unisex / Smoke Brown / XL
Unisex / Teal / XS
Unisex / Teal / S
Unisex / Teal / M
Unisex / Teal / L
Unisex / Teal / XL
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