UL Mittens

Ultralight Mittens Born from Surplus Fabric

The UL Mittens are ultralight and easy to carry with only 19g in weight. They were born out of an idea to reuse surplus fabric from the UL All-weather Hoody.

Although they are not completely waterproof since the stitches are not seam sealed, the fabric itself is wind/waterproof and will serve you as functional rain mittens or wind-protection gloves.

*For seam sealing instructions, please refer to the Instuction section down below.

Delivery will be sometime in April, 2025.

UL Mittens

Color Size
Black / S
Black / M
Coral / S
Coral / M
Deep Forest / S
Deep Forest / M
Navy / S
Navy / M
Nomad / S
Nomad / M
Peppermint / S
Peppermint / M
Smoke Brown / S
Smoke Brown / M
Teal / S
Teal / M
White / S
White / M
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